Driving to operate the safest fleet, Covenant Transportation Group deploys industry-leading fleet safety technology E-SMART from TRANSTEX, LLC


INDIANAPOLIS, IN, March 12, 2019 – Covenant Transportation Group, Inc., (NASDAQ/GS: CVTI) (“CTG”) announced today that in its drive to operate the safest truck fleet in America, it has partnered with TRANSTEX, LLC, a developer of fleet safety technology solutions that enhance both vehicle safety and fuel economy.

COVENANT TRANSPORT deployed 130 E-SMART units in their Chattanooga based facility. E-SMART is TRANSTEX’s intelligent platform for fleet management that enables COVENANT TRANSPORT to proactively improve safety, compliance, security and fuel efficiency through real-time driver management.

Using Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) technology and geofencing, the E-SMART system accurately determines a driver’s location in real time and caps the maximum speed their vehicle can attain in a posted speed zone. To forestall driver resistance to reduced control of their vehicle, COVENANT TRANSPORT engaged its most experienced drivers to pilot test and provide feedback to build on their existing safety programs.

“Safety has always been at the forefront of our core values,” says Rick Reinoehl, Senior Vice President of Safety and Risk Management at COVENANT TRANSPORT. “So the technology we select has to keep our professional drivers safe and happy on the job. E-SMART will do exactly that. For the E-SMART test, we enrolled COVENANT TRANSPORT’s most experienced and safest drivers, members of our 40 and 80 Clubs– representing one and two million consecutive miles driven without a chargeable accident, respectively. In preliminary tests, they performed at a high level, and started talking to other drivers about E-SMART. This is the first technology we have seen that has had such high driver acceptance.”

Reinoehl says that “We foresee reduced speeding tickets, improvement in CSA scores, accidents, legal fees, as well as improved efficiency from time lost managing inappropriate driving behavior. Our safety roadmap has evolved and we are striving to do our part by capturing data to prevent accidents and make the industry safer.”

“With all the labor and CSA [Compliance, Safety, Accountability] pressures that our industry faces,” said Scott Flerl, Director of Equipment Procurement, “it’s critical that we remain competitive. Having worked with TRANSTEX for over ten years, we’ve seen firsthand their innovation product roadmaps and pioneering spirit. So when they proposed the E-SMART system, we saw an opportunity to improve productivity and cut costs while continuing to serve our customers as effectively and as safely as ever.”

TRANSTEX has always worked closely with its customers. “Our customers are under constant pressure from market forces and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) can make a huge contribution to efficiency and safety” says Mathieu Boivin, CEO and President of TRANSTEX. “That’s why we invest consistently in R&D. The E-SMART technology represents an important strategic opportunity for TRANSTEX as it progresses toward its goal of providing customers with emerging technologies that proactively manages speeds for improved safety, security and fuel savings. It’s a pillar of our growth strategy and will allow us to proactively evolve within this industry.”

About CTG

Covenant Transportation Group, Inc., is the holding company for several transportation providers that offer premium transportation services for customers throughout the United States. The consolidated group includes operations from Covenant Transport and Covenant Transport Solutions of Chattanooga, Tennessee; Southern Refrigerated Transport of Texarkana, Arkansas; Landair Transport and Landair Logistics of Greeneville, Tennessee; and Star Transportation of Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, Transport Enterprise Leasing, of Chattanooga, Tennessee is an integral affiliated company providing revenue equipment sales and leasing services to the trucking industry. The Company’s Class A common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select market under the symbol, “CVTI”.

For more information on CTG, please visit: https://www.covenanttransport.com/

TRANSTEX develops and manufactures solutions that offer fleet operators the capacity to significantly reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle safety. A pioneer manufacturer of aerodynamic solutions that lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value, TRANSTEX delivers innovative hardware and software solutions that improve the customers’ bottom line. Operating in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, TRANSTEX has been serving the industry in North America for over ten years and is based in central Indiana, USA.

For more information on E-SMART, please visit: http://transtex-llc.com/e-smart/

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