Disaster Recovery Service Provider, ComportSecure, Shares 4 Reasons to Participate in World Backup Day on March 31st


RAMSEY, N.J., March 19, 2019 — Comport, a leading disaster recovery service provider, recently shared its reasoning behind participating in World Backup Day on March 31st. World Backup Day has been designed for people to understand the growing importance of data on our business and why comprehensive data planning can no longer be ignored. Take advantage of the information that will be published on World Backup Day to understand the following:

  • Data Loss Will Happen. If you work in the data center you understand that data loss often happens not because of larger outages or crazy weather patterns but because of simple human error, equipment failures or small issues that spiral out of control. On World Backup Day, examine the statistics that are published and leverage these to help your executives understand the need for comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans. Take advantage of this day to understand how businesses are saving time while eliminating their data loss risk with cloud-based solutions.
  • Save Time and Reallocate Resources. Utilize this day to determine your resource priorities and determine how you can make your team more efficient. With a trend towards implementing intelligent storage such as Nimble Infosight coupled with backup as a service, customers see several immediate advantages. First your team will eliminate 86% of issues through prediction and prevention. Second, your team can get a get out of jail free card by having someone else to do the heavy lifting for your backup environment, ensuring your backups are completed and fully tested. Have a helping hand to rely on when something inevitably goes wrong can be very useful.
  • Archiving. Company data needs to be archived in many cases for compliance reasons. The problem is that many companies are storing data on Tier 1 storage when it can be stored with less expensive means. Companies like Cohesity and Scality are using object storage to eliminate costs and make archive access simple. An added benefit of these storage providers is built in public cloud compatibility. Look at the object storage information that is sure to come out on this day to examine your data strategy and make choices to simplify and consolidate.
  • Peace of Mind. Do you stay up at night worrying about data breeches, systems crashes or the unavoidable issue you can’t manage alone? Ask yourself if your team can manage issues alone or if you should reach out to a cloud backup provider to help you should you need the support. There is a reason that backup as a service and disaster recovery as a service are trending upwards, don’t get left behind.

“World Backup Day this year is a perfect time to sit and reflect about the protection of your business, and then act decisively,” said Eric Young, Principal Cloud Architect at ComportSecure. “If you take the time to create a strategic data plan on this day and continually refine the plan over time, you will ensure the longevity of your data.”

Take advantage of World Backup Day to look at your data strategy from storage to backup to disaster recovery. Determine where you have gaps and look at the impressive amount of data that will be released to understand what your options are. Of course you can always reach out to ComportSecure to help you make these strategic business decisions as well. Have a Happy World Backup Day!


Since 1982, award-winning IT services partner Comport has helped to improve enterprise digital architectures for healthcare companies across the world. Our customers include leading enterprises in Hospitals and Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Law Firms and Universities. Comport has established ComportSecure DRaaS Solutions as its cutting edge cloud-based solution for cloud managed disaster recovery services. Other types of solutions provided include Advanced IT Datacenters, Mobility Security, Backup as a Service and Networking.

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