Cleveland School of Cannabis Announces Columbus Branch

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Approved by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools and unlike most pop-up programs, CSC rests on a campus and is open 5 days a week for ongoing in-person support in addition to offering online classes in three programs: Horticulture, Cannabis Dispensaries, and Medical Application of Cannabis.

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Our school’s primary goal is to develop leaders and provide students with the skills and education necessary to take advantage of every opportunity that arises within this new industry. Employers can be confident that when they hire CSC alumni, they are getting iniduals who are well equipped to represent their company with dignity, expertise, and professionalism.

In order to aid students with job placement and internships CSC has developed partnerships with the State awarded licensees. These critical partnerships have yielded alumni jobs at Buckeye Relief, Ohio Patient’s Choice, AT-CPC of Ohio, Cresco Labs, Grow Ohio, Riviera Creek, Green Leaf Apothecaries, Terrasana, Grass Roots, The Botanist, Clubhouse Dispensary, ZuRi, Trusted Human Capital and Apothecarium.

With tuition assistance and grants for students, CSC continues to provide educational and economic opportunities to more and more Ohioans.

It is exciting to provide these services to the greater Columbus area. Please visit Cleveland School of Cannabis at for more information on our educational programs and enrollment.

SOURCE Cleveland School of Cannabis

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