CL3VER’s Cloud Rendering Technology to Bring Nvidia RTX Rendering to Google Cloud

BARCELONA, Spain, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CL3VER, the pioneering 3D rendering startup from Barcelona, announces today that its new proprietary cloud solution will be the first one to bring the power of Nvidia RTX rendering to Google Cloud, making it available to hundreds of thousands of business users.

Nvidia broke new ground in real time ray tracing when it introduced the RTX  platform and technology last year. CL3VER will be the first tech company to harness RTX’s power to make it available through its own added-value rendering solution on Google Cloud.

At the core of CL3VER’s technology is a brand new 3D ray tracing engine that renders any real time 3D scene, regardless of its complexity, in the cloud, live-streaming the result to any browser using standard html5 technology. CL3VER’s technology is accessible to desktop or mobile end-users without the need of any plugin.

This new technology offers photorealistic results, immersive 3D navigation, fast loading times and instant changes, making it the perfect choice for web-based 3D applications such as real estate and product configurators, training and educational modules, interactive storytelling and so on.

By making RTX rendering available on Google Cloud, CL3VER proves again its capacity to innovate and makes its own cloud-rendering technology and service available to a wide business market” CL3VER’s CEO, Daniel Iborra, said. “It’s been a pleasure to develop on Google Cloud, it’s a great environment.”

Launched last November, RTX is NVIDIA’s revolutionary ray tracing technology is already praised for the advances it brings in real-time 3D rendering.

Founded in 2011 in Barcelona, CL3VER is a pioneering real-time rendering technology company focused on bringing photorealism to mobile and web-based applications.

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