Chicory Streamlines Two-Click Shoppable Recipe Experience

First, Chicory will discontinue the native cart/list feature. User trends indicate that shoppers want to organize their shopping list using their favorite retailer platform, not on an interstitial window. The new interface will send all products directly into a retailer cart for the user to then optimize and organize.

Users will also see improved ingredient matching. By removing the cart feature, Chicory can also more accurately match ingredients to products at grocers as well as account for better substitutions and more up-to-date out-of-stock information. By eliminating real-time ingredient parsing and inventory mapping, Chicory’s experience will also move much faster for the shopper.

Next, user trends indicate that shoppers are researching recipes on mobile, but sitting down to shop using desktop computers, so Chicory has re-built its mobile experience. By optimizing the mobile shopping experience, the shoppable recipe leaders aim to increase on-the-go shopping and learn more about mobile grocery shoppers in the process.

Finally, the redesign will offer better retailer selection. Other shoppable recipe providers pre-select retailers for shoppers or provide a vertical list of retailers to choose from. Chicory’s new UX will introduce tiles to feature those retailers, providing more equitable representation to consumers and allowing them to choose their preferred online grocery provider with less friction.

“Since it’s our mission to catalyze online grocery through custom experiences, it’s important for us to pay attention to what users are telling us,” says Chicory co-founder and Head of Product, Joey Petracca. “Our updated interface both includes updates and new features that directly respond to habits we’ve observed among our 80M monthly users. For example, we assumed, when we first built our product, that people wanted shopping lists. But behavior indicates otherwise. For recipe users, the recipe is the shopping list, so we wanted to remove friction and get them to their preferred retailer cart in fewer clicks.”

You can find Chicory’s shoppable recipe tech, now new and improved, across its network of 1,000+ recipe sites. Sites include,,,, plus hundreds of food blogs around the web.

About Chicory 

Chicory is a technology company based in New York City that uses artificial intelligence to create digital grocery experiences. In 2014, Chicory launched its core product, the “Get Ingredients” button, which allows consumers to get to online recipe ingredients delivered from various grocers and retailers. Within two years, Chicory added over 1,000 recipe partners and became the largest shoppable recipe network in the country. They launched an advertising platform in 2016, leveraging their network to help food brands reach consumers who are in-market for grocery and CPG products. Today, Chicory reaches approximately 80 million unique monthly users and has partnered with companies like Peapod, Time, Inc., and General Mills International to lay the groundwork for the future of grocery. To learn more, please visit

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