C-MCC Development Group Announces The Appointment Of Georges Sudarskis To Its Board


NEW YORK, March 18, 2019 — C-MCC Development Group, LLC, has announced the appointment of Georges Sudarskis to its board. The U.S. based development group is engaged in international real estate and technology. C-MCC Worldwide is establishing Curaçao as the major gateway in the Western Hemispheres for international commodity trading serving North, Central and South America, Europe and North Africa.

Many of the company’s international activities are patterned after the successful Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, (D-MCC), and the Dubai International Financial Centre, (DIFC) located in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE). Mr. Sudarskis is the former Chief Investment Officer of the Private Equities Department of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the sovereign fund of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi since 1998.

He joins another international financial luminary, Oltmann Siemens, the former World Bank leader, eminent jurist and Economic Counselor to many countries who became Vice Chairman of C-MCC in October 2017.

Announcing the appointment today, George Kearns, Chairman and CEO of C-MCC Development Group, LLC, said Mr. Sudarski’s experience in the Middle East and in several other countries adds inestimable value to the present and future operations of the C-MCC Development Group.

“Georges brings to the Board, a broad investment experience and a priceless network of connections in the Private Equity world together with an acute perception of the needs of sovereign and government subisions in terms of optimization of revenues, active management of foreign currency reserves and developmental.  His experience will lend the most informed support to one of C-MCC’s central objectives which is to establish and enhance a network of existing and new free trade zones around the world, thereby contributing to the development of trade, the acceleration of local economic activity and elicitation of foreign investments.”

Georges Sudarskis brings to the C-MCC more than 35 years of general management, advisory and investment experience. He is the founder and CEO of an investment advisory firm, Sudarskis & Partners, which exclusively focuses on providing investment management solutions and capacity building to Sovereign Wealth Funds, and innovative financing mechanisms for multilateral institutions and government bodies (www.sudarskisandpartners.com).

Mr. Sudarskis currently serves as an independent director on the board of the National Investment Corporation of the Central Bank of Kazakhstan , the sovereign wealth fund of the country. He is also a director of the French secondaries specialist FONDINVEST SA, supervised by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

C-MCC Worldwide is a free trade zone initiative that will provide an ecosystem to facilitate physical, commodity trading, financial, technological and regulatory services through Curaçao. It is the first free zone entity of its kind in the western hemisphere that will establish Curaçao as the premier international trade development hub and gateway to the world. The establishment of the C-MCC will reduce political and economic risk and revolutionize the growth of trade, business and communities in many regions of the world.

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