BlueCrew Tripled Revenue in 2018 and Will Expand to 30 Markets by End of 2019

BlueCrew is disrupting traditional staffing – a total addressable market worth more than $130 billion in the U.S. and $400 billion globally – with a platform that instantly connects quality workers with open jobs using proprietary data and algorithms to identify the best matches in real time. BlueCrew’s platform fills over 90 percent of employer jobs, many times within minutes, compared to traditional staffing agencies that fill 60-70 percent over several weeks.

Unlike gig economy apps that are heavily fueled by contractor workforces, BlueCrew’s platform exclusively features W-2 jobs. BlueCrew Crew Members receive employee protections including overtime, minimum wage, sick pay, workers’ compensation insurance, and health benefits while being able to choose the jobs and hours that best fit their schedules through BlueCrew’s mobile application.

“BlueCrew solves pain points for both sides of its marketplace – employers can confidently scale a top quality workforce up or down while Crew Members enjoy the flexibility of a mobile app-based hiring experience that delivers the protections they deserve,” said Adam Roston, CEO of BlueCrew. “I couldn’t be more excited to join a team that’s so passionate about making work more accessible. We have a massive opportunity in front of us and I’m more convinced than ever of the power of the disruptive platform Gino and the BlueCrew team have built.”

For employers – particularly those in warehousing, logistics, events, delivery, and hospitality – BlueCrew provides flexible access to top quality workers on demand, all of whom are interviewed in person and receive background checks. Employers also get access to unique data and insights, such as feedback from Crew Members on why certain positions are declined or the best geographic areas to source employees for specific positions.

“As we continue to rapidly expand, we needed a hiring model that wouldn’t hinder our ability to scale,” said Phil Moon, VP of Business Operations at Grove Collaborative, a BlueCrew employer. “BlueCrew has been a fantastic partner, helping us staff up efficiently and cost-effectively, often in real time. The team has been very responsive and reliable; we always know we’re getting dependable and capable workers.”

Prior to his appointment as BlueCrew’s CEO, Roston was CEO of IAC Publishing, a former segment of IAC which housed IAC’s digital media properties. During his tenure, IAC Publishing went from losing money to generating $70 million in Adjusted EBITDA and revenue growth of 60 percent in 2018. Formerly the head of M&A at IAC, Roston also played an instrumental role in IAC’s February 2018 acquisition of BlueCrew and has worked closely with the company ever since.

Gino Rooney, founder and CTO, said, “Adam and I have worked closely together over the past year and we’re all excited to have him join our team full time. Last year was a transformational one for the company: we saw great adoption by employers, helped more people than ever find work, and were able to expand our product nationwide. I can’t wait to accelerate our growth further with product enhancements that will wow both Crew Members and employers.”

About Adam Roston

Adam Roston is the CEO of BlueCrew, an on-demand platform for W-2 work that is transforming how people connect with flexible, sustainable jobs and grow their careers. Prior to this, Mr. Roston oversaw IAC Publishing, a segment of IAC which housed IAC’s digital media properties. During his tenure, IAC Publishing went from losing money to generating $70 million in Adjusted EBITDA and revenue growth of 60 percent in 2018.

Prior to this, Mr. Roston was the Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions for IAC, where he oversaw M&A and investing activity across IAC’s portfolio of 150 digital brands. During his tenure at IAC, Mr. Roston has been instrumental in numerous high-profile strategic transactions, including the acquisitions of BlueCrew, Dotdash (formerly, Investopedia, and Apalon, a top 10 iOS mobile app developer.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Roston held several corporate development roles at Microsoft, where he drove more than a dozen strategic technology acquisitions across North America, Europe, and Asia, and played a key role in M&A for Microsoft’s enterprise software division. Mr. Roston started his career in M&A investment banking at Merrill Lynch based in London and Palo Alto. He holds a B.A. with a double major in Economics and Philosophy from the University of California, San Diego.

About BlueCrew

Founded in 2015, BlueCrew is the only on-demand platform exclusively for flexible W-2 work. Job seekers turn to BlueCrew for sustainable and reliable employment that fits their schedules across a broad range of industries including warehousing, logistics, e-commerce, events, delivery, and hospitality.

BlueCrew is disrupting the traditional staffing model (an industry worth $130 billion which is almost exclusively offline) with a mobile-first platform that offers workers control, flexibility, and protection, while instantly connecting them to high quality, short and long-term employment opportunities. Unlike gig economy platforms, all Crew Members are W-2 employees of BlueCrew, receiving benefits and protections like minimum wage, overtime, sick pay, and workers’ compensation. BlueCrew is headquartered in Chicago with a presence in markets nationwide and is owned and operated by IAC. Learn more at


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