BiKube™ launched a life-changing Mobility Aid, bringing independence and freedom at home


VANCOUVER, March 12, 2019 – On March 5th, 2019, BiKube launched a new type of mobility aid through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

In North America, more than 18 million people live with limited mobility due to accidents, disease or the aging process. While the number of people living with mobility issues is on the rise, existing mobility device do not provide the support needed while being able to perform domestic tasks.

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BiKube: Hands-free Mobility Aid (CNW Group/Bikube)

“After experiencing months of reduced mobility, I realized how challenging even the most basic tasks are.”  Jean-Pierre (JP) Berger, CEO of BiKube said.

This inspired the creation of the BiKube™ a mobility device with a sleek design that supports good posture, alleviates the stress on hips, knees, and ankles, has a small footprint for tight spaces. Most importantly, it will let the user be hands-free to perform domestic tasks at home. This device is specifically designed to fill the gap between the cane and the walker and allow hands-free movement within their homes.

The BiKube™ is the result of many years of research. 

  • Hands-free: The BiKube™ allows you to move around in a seated or standing position by steering with your feet.
  • Adjustable seat: Transferring from a low seated position at the dinner table to a higher seated position to head to the kitchen has never been so easy.
  • Compact and easy to maneuver: Move in small spaces (toilets, hallway, bathroom, etc.). Swing around or walk easily through narrow doors.
  • Safe & Stable: Experience autonomy and freedom of movement thanks to its four rotating wheels and wide base.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: Stand straight and maintain eye contact.

Potential users have already showed tremendous support even before the launch. The BiKube team is excited and look forward to bringing more joy, independence and support to those who need it.

About BiKube: BiKube is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Jean-Pierre Berger a CEO of a tech company incorporated the company in November 2017, after a serious motorcycle accident that directly impacted his mobility. BiKube’s mission is to provide people who are experiencing mobility issues with new solutions that enable them to stay active, independent and inspired.


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