Belpointe Opportunity Zone REIT Touts the Lowest Fee Structure in the Industry


GREENWICH, Conn., March 18, 2019 — Belpointe’s management team and CEO, Brandon Lacoff, are disrupting the real estate investment industry by bringing a radically lower fee structure to investors. They are catering to all investors across the wealth spectrum from institutions to iniduals, non-accredited and accredited alike. Belpointe is putting all investors on an equal footing, with one single share class where everyone is treated like an institutional investor with the same low fees and carried interest.

Paxton Kinol, CIO for Belpointe REIT and former Avalon executive said, “Brandon’s vision to put together a unique product like this has never been done before. With our superior structure, additional tax benefits, and the lowest fees in the industry, I truly expect us to surpass our capital target raise of $3 billion.”

The Belpointe Opportunity Zone REIT has only one share class and the following fees:

a. ZERO upfront commissions

b. ZERO acquisition and/or disposition fees

c. ZERO shareholder servicing fees

d. A management fee of only 0.75%

e. A carried interest of only 5%

Media Contact:
Cody Laidlaw 


SOURCE Belpointe

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