Anitoa Introduces Android Apps for Portable Maverick 4-Channel qPCR Systems


MENLO PARK, Calif., March 11, 2019 — Anitoa Systems, a Menlo Park, CA startup, today at Tri-Con San Francisco announced the Android mobile apps for its Maverick family of 4-channel qPCR systems. This 4-channel qPCR system can test 4 nucleic acid targets simultaneously in one sample, and up-to 64 genetic tests simultaneously in a 16-well model.  When the Maverick qPCR system is connected to an Android smartphone or tablet through USB or Bluetooth, the Android mobile apps automatically detects and performs genetic tests for users who can benefit from getting actionable results within 30 minutes.

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Android Apps for Maverick qPCR Family

Combining the mobile apps, 4-channel multiplex capability, light-weight portability, and lower cost, the Maverick qPCR system is ideal for field or on-site tests. “We are receiving urgent and surging demands of on-site portable qPCR systems all over China due to the widespread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in 28 provinces and 111 cases as reported by officials. The Chinese government mandates all pig slaughterhouses to run ASF virus tests on pig products before selling,” said Yuping Chung, SVP and Co-founder.

Maverick qPCR is light-weight, portable and lower cost, thanks to its proprietary and industry’s most sensitive ultra-low light CMOS bio-optical sensor capable of 3e-6 lux low-light detection. The entire device weighs between 950g to 1.5Kg for 4/8/16-well models.  Using the CMOS technology and powered by 10.5V DC, the Maverick qPCR systems can be powered by an optional battery pack for mobility.

Using industry standard 0.2mL micro tubes, the Maverick qPCR is an open system suitable for various molecular or nucleic acid tests (NAT). It eliminates the need of proprietary cartridges, thus reducing the total cost.  Designed for portability and high reliability, the Maverick qPCR system has no moving components inside. It eliminated the needs of mechanical or optical calibration, dramatically increased the reliability, and reduced the maintenance cost. Compared to other solutions in the market, Maverick qPCR shortened the test time by achieving faster temperature ramp rate, eg. ramp-up as fast as 5.5oC/sec and ramp-down down as fast as 4oC/sec.

Now with the Android mobile app, the Maverick qPCR system is even easier to operate in the field or on-site. Its ability of running genetic test within 30 minutes has enabled many customers to increase their economic benefits by reducing the total test turn-around time in food safety, water treatment monitoring, agricultural processing monitoring, and other applications,” said Yuping Chung.

The Maverick qPCR is available for purchase now for < $4,500 for the base model. For pricing and availability, please contact Anitoa at

About Anitoa

Anitoa Systems, established in 2013 based in Menlo Park, California, develops highly-integrated system-on-chip (SoC) products for point-of-care diagnostics systems.  Anitoa’s molecular sensor technology, consisting of a CMOS Bio-Optical Sensor and proprietary Intelligent Dark-current Management algorithm, enables compact and portable NAT (nucleic-acid-test) platform for molecular diagnostics.

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