Agilyx and AmSty Continue to Revolutionize the Recycling Industry


“After many months of collaborating with AmSty on various commissioning efforts, this shipment is a major milestone for the advancement of the circular economy. Our partnership with AmSty is a great example of how we can come together to help change the waste and recycling industry to dramatically improve the recyclability of plastics, particularly polystyrene, with a favorable environmental profile. This is the start of a long-term relationship with AmSty,” said Joe Vaillancourt, Agilyx’s Chief Executive Officer.

AmSty continues to improve this recycling process, solidifying the place of polystyrene as a major component of the future circular economy. “We are excited about this milestone and proud of our work with Agilyx on this world-changing innovation in recycling,” said Jon Timbers, Director of Innovation and Sustainability at AmSty.

About Agilyx

Agilyx, based in Tigard, Oregon, is the leader and pioneer in chemically recycling difficult-to-recycle mixed waste plastic streams into high value low carbon circular feedstocks and fuels. The Company has developed the first system capable of recycling polystyrene waste into styrene monomer, which is then used to remake new polystyrene (“PS”) products. The company also has commercialized a technology that converts mixed plastics to high quality crude oil. From these first to market products, the company has since expanded its product platform into a broad range of customized low carbon chemicals, polymers and fuels. Agilyx is working with waste service providers, municipalities, refiners, and private and public enterprises to develop closed-loop industrial solutions for mixed waste plastics. Contact us to have your plastic waste streams recycled at For more information, follow us on social media and visit us at




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About AmSty

AmSty is one of the largest integrated producers of polystyrene and styrene monomer in the Western Hemisphere, offering solutions and services to customers in a variety of markets throughout the Americas. The company is a joint venture equally owned by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP and Trinseo, and is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. For more information about AmSty, visit 


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