Activbody Continues to Expand with New Distribution Partnership with Maxiim

SAN DIEGO, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Activbody, Inc., a health and fitness product innovator, announced a new partnership with Maxiim, a leader in customer distribution in the UK and Europe. With this new alliance, Activbody continues its expansion into two of the most massive, in-demand markets in the world.

As experts in distribution, Maxiim will provide fulfilment services as a master distributor to corporate channels and top retailers – such as Amazon – for Activbody and its flagship product, the Activ5, a portable smart device that provides personalized isometric workouts through a companion Activ5 training app. The device is unique in that it tracks users’ progress for over a hundred 5-minute personalized workouts that can be performed anywhere.

Through the partnership, Maxiim will also be managing distribution strategies, promotions, dedicated warehousing, labeling and packaging, and other services for Activbody. And thanks to Maxiim’s massive network of commercial relationships, the Activ5 will be readily available to UK and EU consumers at the click of a button.

“Maxiim is delighted to be working with Activbody, the pioneer of isometric-based fitness training device Activ5. Innovation is in our DNA and we look forward to sharing success with our new partner,” said Tracey Stark, Business Development Director of Maxiim.

Always one to celebrate innovation, Activbody is looking forward to a smooth arrival in the UK and Europe, and is thrilled to be working with Maxiim, which has been at the forefront of UK consumer electronic distribution since 2000.

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About Activbody
Activbody is a consumer electronics and software-driven company developing health and wellness

solutions that leverage its portfolio of patented technologies. Activbody aspires to keep the world active through fitness and health technologies designed to make exercise fun, convenient and trackable. A revolution in daily fitness, athletic performance and rehabilitation, Activ5 is a first-of-its-kind, wireless-enabled, force measurement device that can be used as an evaluation tool or an isometric-based strength training device that coaches users through short duration, low impact, full body workouts while quantifying muscle activity. Activbody was born out of founder Dr. Kosta Yanev’s desire to create fitness and wellness solutions that could help him integrate regular exercise into his life. Learn more about Activbody, Activforce, and Activ5 at

About Maxiim
Maxiim is an innovative, market-leading integrated supply partner to retailers throughout the UK. Working with some of the world’s most recognized brands, their agile supply chain service extends from manufacturer to market via bulk or direct distribution. With a proactive and partnership-led approach Maxiim specializes in the wellness, wearable, audio and connected home categories.

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