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LENEXA, Kan., April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Greek God Mercury was known for, among other things, communication. To continue its tradition of security communications in the age of 28/8 integration, AccessNsite by American Direct, announced today, significant new features to its access control software. This update focuses on AccessNsite compatibility with Mercury controllers, and includes:

  • Mercury LP Controllers (1501, 1502, 2500, and 4502) – The LP Series controllers are Mercury’s next generation of intelligent controllers that run embedded Linux. The LP series controller boards can now be used with AccessNsite.
  • Multiple Mercury Drivers – AccessNsite now supports up to ten Mercury drivers. This feature increases performance for installations with many controllers, allowing up to 50 controllers per driver.
  • Mercury Series 3 Serial I/O Boards – Mercury Security has released the latest version of their serial I/O boards (MR50, MR52, MR16IN, MR16OUT). AccessNsite now fully supports the Series 3 boards.
  • New Mercury Aperio Features – Mercury has added several new features in support of its integration with Assa Abloy Aperio locks. Our software now supports these features:
    • Privacy Mode
    • Escape and Return
    • Send Time Down to Locks
    • Door Mode Notifications

“These updates build upon our history of continued integration and compatibility with Mercury controllers,” said Jerry Glynn, Chief Information Officer with American Direct. “We continue to innovate in 28/8 integration and support the key technology that is a part of today’s physical access control platform.”

AccessNsite Updates Enhance ASSA ABLOY Compatibility

New Updates Create Software Compatibility with IN120 locks

AccessNsite by American Direct also announced upgrades to its software, creating unique usability features with ASSA ABLOY IN120 locks.

“The changes we’ve made to AccessNsite give us the ability to do some unique things with the IN120,” said Jerry Glynn, Chief Information Officer with American Direct. “We’ve maximized feature sets and power giving the user more options and flexibility.”

The new updates include;

  • IN120 Hard Powered Wireless Lock – Assa Abloy provides an option for powering the IN120 wireless lock using a hard-wired connection instead of using batteries, thus making it an online lock. This new model definition has been added into AccessNsite.

Additionally, the new updates support Mercury Aperio features, including:

  • Privacy Mode
  • Escape and Return
  • Send time down to locks
  • Door Mode notifications

AccessNsite Updates Improve Allegion Compatibility

New Updates Create Software Compatibility with Allegion and Von Duprin

New upgrades to AccessNsite software also increase compatibility with Allegion products.

“These updates allow users increased flexibility and usage with Allegion products,” said Jerry Glynn, Chief Information Officer with American Direct. “We’re continually focused on our relationship with Allegion, ensuring AccessNsite compatibility across the Allegion suite of products while adding value to the end-user.”

The new updates include;

  • Allegion CTE – Allegion CTE is an Engage enabled single opening controller that allows perimeter and common area openings to be managed in a single system, along with Schlage Control smart deadbolts, NDE cylindrical, and LE mortise wireless locks. The CTE provides wireless control of door openings involving a standard lock (electric strike, electrified panic device, etc.), door position switch, request to exit, and specific Schlage readers (MT11-485 and MT15-485).
  • Von Duprin RU/RM – AccessNsite now supports the Von Duprin Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) options available with its 98/99 and 33A/35A series devices. These options are supported through either an IP or RSI connection to the Allegion Engage Gateway.

Advanced Integration and Data Tools from AccessNsite

New import/export/API functionality improves connectivity and user experience

Major upgrades to AccessNsite by American Direct create a powerful new data tool and API.

This new data transfer tool allows users to create and save their own templates, supports continuous data integration, and allows for periodic information exchange for reporting or other specialized needs. There are a number of powerful ways to use the Data Hub.

  • Active Directory (LDAP) Data Transfer – This feature uses Active Directory accounts to provide and manage the transfer of personnel, credential, and access privilege data.
  • Database (ODBC) Data Import – This capability provides the ability to import data (personnel, credential, and access privileges) from any compliant database.
  • Text Files (ASCII Delimited) – The existing file import capability has been integrated into the new data transfer tool.

In addition to the new data tool, this update also includes a new JSON web services API. This provides an easier and more widely used interface to the AccessNsite API.

“Through the use of our new API and new tools, AccessNsite users have more ways to personalize the way in which they utilize and manage their data needs,” said Jerry Glynn, Chief Information Officer with American Direct. “Businesses can customize the capabilities of the system to meet operations and security requirements.”

For more information about AccessNiste and Data Hub, or to schedule an interview, contact Jon Elscott with American Direct., 913-677-5588.

About AccessNsite

AccessNsite® by American Direct goes beyond access control to deliver smart, simple, and seamless security solutions. AccessNsite combines all related security functions and data into one comprehensive user interface, with powerful systems interoperability and automation configurable to a building’s distinct needs. AccessNsite’s software solution integrates with best-of-breed hardware, as well as existing hardware and systems, enabling simple, scalable, and cost-effective deployment and maintenance. The intuitive interface helps users easily manage personnel, quickly and accurately assess events and alarms, and efficiently generate real-time, filter-based reports. In addition, AccessNsite offers comprehensive, customized training for users at every level, as well as ongoing technical support to ensure systems are always up to date and operating without fail. For more information:

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