47 Lessons Cosmetology School Doesn’t Teach You


LAS VEGAS, Mach 18, 2019 — One in three cosmetologists is self-employed, but cosmetology schools are more focused on creating beauty professionals than business owners. That is a problem, says Marquetta Breslin, Licensed Cosmetologist, educator, and author of “Million Dollar Stylist,” “Fully Booked,” and the newly released, “What They Don’t Teach You in Cosmetology School.”

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What They Don’t Teach You In Cosmetology School Book

“Many cosmetologists are working hard, paying their dues, but not getting anywhere,” says Breslin, who knows all about paying her dues. A self-described girly girl who built her business while working for the Air Force and raising two young children, Breslin has devoted herself to helping cosmetologists find their own success. “There is a big difference between being a great stylist and a successful one, and cosmetology school can only take you so far.”

In her latest book, “What They Don’t Teach You in Cosmetology School,” Breslin condenses a lifetime of experience as a cosmetologist and educator in the beauty industry into 47 life lessons that can be read in a sitting. “These are the lessons I wish someone had shared with me when I was starting out.” Powerful and direct, Breslin’s lessons are a lot like the author herself. “You Get Paid For Solving Problems” reads one lesson’s title. “How to Do Less and Accomplish More” reads another.

Over the course of 140 pages, Breslin coaches her readers to overcome their anxieties, apply savvy marketing techniques, and embrace the pain of failure for the promise of success. “You are here to be great,” says Breslin. “You are here to be powerful. And you will add value to people’s lives through your work. That’s my greatest hope for you – that you can share your gifts with the world and receive the abundance that your efforts deserve.”

“What They Don’t Teach You in Cosmetology School,” is available today on Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

About Marquetta Breslin: Marquetta Breslin is the co-founder of Breslin Products, LLC. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist, educator, and author of Million Dollar Stylist and Fully Booked. She has educated some of the industry’s top professionals, including Oscar-nominated makeup artists and Vogue Magazine Editorial Stylists. Her systems have reached more than 100,000 customers in more than 70 countries. For more information, please contact Jessica Hammock at (888) 213-7120 or 211126@email4pr.com. You can also visit https://www.marquettabreslin.com/.

SOURCE Breslin Products, LLC