4-Tell and Tavano Team Announce Strategic Partnership

PORTLAND, Ore., May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — 4-Tell and Tavano Team announced today they are entering into a strategic partnership to provide a series of personalization solutions for NetSuite. The partnership combines the power of 4-Tell’s patented personalization algorithms and Tavano Team’s NetSuite expertise.

Together, 4-Tell and Tavano Team have built a new NetSuite extension, 4-Tell Personalization. The extension allows for quick implementation of product recommendations, predictive search, and 4-Tell’s data analytics platform on any SuiteCommerce site.

“We have been working with Tavano Team for a few years now, personalizing client’s sites with custom code,” says Ken Levy, Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder at 4-Tell. “Now, we are thrilled to leverage the power of our partnership to build an extension and make personalization easier than ever.”

“We believe we’ve made it very easy for any NetSuite online merchant to install the extension and instantly deliver a personalized shopping experience that results in more orders, bigger AOV and increased customer satisfaction,” adds Diego Isola, President at Tavano Team.

The two companies look forward to collaborating on extensions and products in the future.

About 4-Tell
4-Tell is the market leader in data-driven personalization and intelligent collaboration. 4-Tell enables merchants to build long-term relationships with customers and increase revenue. Digital commerce solutions include real-time product and content recommendations, product idea boards, 360 customer profiles, segment analytics, and enhanced site search.

For more information, please visit www.get4tell.com.

About Tavano Team
Tavano Team is an award-winning e-Commerce agency focused on delivering great shopping experiences for organizations around the globe. Tavano Team’s team culture is built around innovation in the NetSuite SuiteCommerce space, allowing clients to benefit from a powerful mix between compelling front-ends designs and NetSuite operational capabilities. Tavano Team was named SuiteCommerce Partner Of The Year in 2018.

For more information, visit www.tavanoteam.com.


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