2019 Smartshare (SSP) Global Meetup in Taiwan: Plans to Roll Out Several New IoT Products Such as Water Purifiers


BEIJING, March 11, 2019 — On March 9-10, Smartshare (SSP) Global Roadshow came to Taichung and Taipei in Taiwan. SSP founder Frank Chen introduced the current situation of SSP and future plans. The activities were mainly focused on the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and SSP‘s expansion of overseas communities. In terms of application execution, SSP expects to cooperate in the development of smart water purifiers, sports bracelets, blood pressure monitors and other products to extend the reach of consumer-grade IoT; the community will also expand to North America, Japan and South Korea.

Founder Frank Chen said: “Smartshare (SSP) is a blockchain-based IoT value ecosystem. From the Internet, to the mobile Internet, and now to the Internet of Things, the virtual world and reality is getting closer and closer. According to Gartner, IoT devices may exceed 20 billion by 2020 and may exceed 50 billion by 2030. In such a huge market, privacy and data rights are additional focuses of Smartshare (SSP). SSP’s mission is to use blockchain technology to achieve big data validation and value circulation in smart hardware.”

The SSP blockchain application scenarios include four applications: IoT smart hardware ecosystem, IoT sharing economy, IoT data transaction, and the IoT smart terminal asset transaction.

The SSP ecological applications are ided into self-development and cooperation with ecological partners. SSP currently independently develops Sleep Shell and cooperates with CCTV DengDeng robots, Three Papa‘s air purifiers, Covos sweepers and ten other products. It has more than 150,000 smart terminal nodes which produce more than 150,000 SSP tokens daily.

In terms of IoT sharing economy, SSP is cooperating with XKey, a blockchain-based intelligent sharing hardware that cooperates with Hong Kong-listed company Shenzhou Digital. Users can share idle storage space, CPU resources, bandwidth, etc. through XKey and receive the corresponding value incentives. The total reward stands at 110 million SSP Tokens.

In terms of SSP ecological data, Frank Chen spoke about Sleep Shell data and mini program SSP Sport data. Users already obtain a total of 45 million and 96 million SSP Tokens, respectively, through these two products.

Founder Frank Chen also shared the 2019 plan of SSP, which will revolve strongly around the application of IoT and the expansion of overseas communities. In 2019, SSP plans to roll out three IoT products: smart water purifiers, sports bracelets and blood pressure monitors, to further expand the SSP ecosystem. In terms of community building, SSP will conduct offline meet ups, air drops, knowledge sharing, and other methods starting in Southeast Asia and advancing into North America, Japan and South Korea to promote SSP IoT smart hardware and expand its community.

SOURCE Smartshare