1st International Osmium Symposium

After five years preparation, the 1st International Osmium Symposium in Singapore kicked-off a global revolution in the osmium business. The osmium market was officially launched at the conference in Singapore held on March 9th 2019. There were participants from four continents and fourteen countries. Sales have been already made through the institute’s first partners in the lead-up to the summit, the global competition for market share is now open for business. Delivery volumes and the projected ramp up over the coming months formed the primary discussion.

As the market is highly limited, an increase in production over the next few years will unlikely ease pricing pressures – as the output of crystalline osmium will lead to higher production costs. This, along with a limited supply, will be a factor for an expected substantial price increase.

With a total availability of around two cubic metres worldwide, Osmium is very limited and expected demand from India alone will exceed the maximum production capacity. Currently the total market value for the entire supply is just EUR48 billion (USD54 billion).

Osmium-Institute Germany director, Ingo Wolf, said: ‘We are delighted that the symposium was so well attended. There is a real opportunity to create a brand-new market for Osmium globally and the reception from our partners has been overwhelmingly positive. We have partners in most corners of the globe now who are actively taking orders for Osmium. The Swiss production lines are ramping up and we are confident that all delivery targets will be met.’

Wolf continues: ‘Initial meetings with family offices and interested individuals from Asia confirmed a significant and sustainable interest in the market. This trend is supported by the fact that the osmium market is subject to some special drivers. This is a highly investable product and, due to its scarcity, the price increases will be significant.’

Wolf goes on to say that demand pressure from the jewellery industry, especially in India, China and the other Southeast Asian countries, is emerging. This means that the real market is in line with what experts believe makes sense for a solid and broadly based development. Long term investors will find that their investments are likely to be in high demand as the the crystalline, flat form for jewellery production and the watch market will see a significant uptick.

Unsurprisingly, the “Made in Switzerland” and certification “Made in Germany” monikers created the most activity in Europe to date, but interest of Asian investors was predicted and is taking off. Delivery times are already now up to half a year, especially for the larger disks produced for the family office packages. Other, smaller products such as Osmium Diamonds, Stars and Starrows or Bars will not run out in the near future, but the Investor Disks, which cost EUR120,000 (USD136,000) are seeing a supply squeeze.