Security Seals Manufacturer, American Casting & Manufacturing, Discusses the Role of Security Seals in the Weights and Measures Industry

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., March 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Security seals manufacturer, American Casting & Manufacturing, discusses the role of security seals in the weights and measures industry.

The weights and measures industry is vital to ensuring that consumers can make informed decisions when making purchases. Inspectors also help to enforce codes for the equipment used for weighing and measuring, like grocery store scales and gas pumps. This helps protect consumers who buy products that are sold by either weight or volume, which just about every consumer does at one point or another.

Due to the importance of the industry, officials have to work constantly behind the scenes to ensure the integrity of all measured and weighed items and the equipment used for it. They conduct a number of inspections at warehouses, plants, shipping companies, gas stations and more. These inspections ensure that consumers and businesses are both participating in a fair marketplace. By keeping measurements standard, consumers can be sure that businesses are operating in a completely fair and honest market.

Security seals are essential for ensuring that weighing and measuring equipment maintains its integrity. A seal is usually put in place to verify that a certain piece of equipment has been inspected, tested and sealed. Some types of seals that are useful in this application include:

Wire Seals. Wire seals are ideal for securing gasoline meters, propane meters, taxi meters, and utility meters. Wire seals are typically applied with a seal press and require a cutting tool to remove, which makes tampering difficult.

Security Labels. Security labels allow inspectors to accurately mark which pieces of equipment have been tested, as well as differentiate equipment that does not meet standards. Security labels are tamper evident and available either with residue or without.

For an additional layer of security, consider customizing security seals with serialization, alphanumeric coding, or barcodes. Doing so deters theft and makes documentation much easier.

About American Casting and Manufacturing: American Casting and Manufacturing Security Seal Manufacturer is a New York based, family-owned manufacturing company, that produces high-quality customizable security seals, including bolt seals, container seals, and trailer seals, across a wide range of industries. Through innovative production, customer service, and both employee loyalty and respect, the tamper evident seals manufacturer has been producing high-quality seals for over 100 years. The company conforms to the highest standards, meeting the requirements of ISO-9001:2008 quality management systems.

SOURCE American Casting and Manufacturing

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