ROCK JUSTICE AWARDS™ Honors Five Top Artists: The Association, John Ford Coley, Grayson Hugh, Adam Marsland and Leonid & Friends

The ROCK JUSTICE AWARDS validates key artists of our time for their vital impact during the rock ‘n roll era. Operating below the mainstream and with an elephant-like memory, the Awards spotlight artists who have achieved great acclaim, while some part of their story requires further illumination, often missed by the mass media.

Bennett Zimmerman founded the Awards after being a music industry fan, executive, and avid reader of the rock press. “I was often dismayed when artists deserving full recognition were forgotten, mischaracterized or even disrespected,” notes Zimmerman. “This is a fun project, yet it is as important as art itself in validating real people with real journeys who deserve recognition and … even kindness.”

In the year ahead, The ROCK JUSTICE AWARDS plans to host programs on Yoko Ono, Elton John, Australia’s Original Little River Band, The Osmond Brothers, Diana Ross, and perhaps The Sweet and Matthew Sweet.


Bennett Zimmerman:

The Fourth Way World Productions, The ROCK JUSTICE AWARDS

1-310-617-4180; email:

SOURCE The Fourth Way World, LLC

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