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“The industry’s best residential solution is now the best commercial solution after an over-the-air software update,” says Mike Hackett, Qolsys SVP of Sales and Marketing.  “Whether installing a system in a large commercial space or a small residential townhome, the IQ Panel is the single best solution, combining exciting features that increase user engagement and satisfaction, industry leading range and encryption with PowerG sensors and the customization of partitions.”

“I’ve been using the IQ Panel 2 Plus with PowerG sensors to secure elementary schools in our region,” says Scott McLeod, Owner of Hawkeye Security.  “We originally bid our installs to take three days and are now completing most jobs in 10 hours or less, and that includes customer training. My team spends less time on ladders and more time talking about features and benefits with our customers, and we have never been more profitable.”

“The IQ Panel is the best residential panel we’ve installed and is now the best commercial panel,” says Robert Post, Owner of Post Alarm Systems based in Arcadia, CA.  “We are proud to bring our commercial customers a best in class solution combining the Qolsys IQ Panel with PowerG sensors and the alarm.com commercial interactive services with dedicated Post Alarm service and support.”

PowerG’s revolutionary 2-way wireless communication technology is designed to decrease operational costs for dealers while providing ultimate reliability for end users.  PowerG devices reliably communicate 4 times further than legacy wireless security, reducing the cost of installing additional repeaters to service commercial premises.  The wireless protocol includes Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, Adaptive Transmission Power for up to eight years of battery life and 128-bit AES encryption for exceptional protection against digital attacks.

The Qolsys 2.3 software features designed to support Commercial installations include:

  • Increased support for PowerG sensor portfolio
  • PowerG keypad for secondary control stations
  • Increased Z-Wave limits supporting up to 80 lights, 20 locks, 10 thermostats and 6 garage/bay doors
  • Presence Detection which uses software to ignore motion sensor events while the system is disarmed, extending the battery life of sensors installed in high-traffic areas.
  • 6-digit passcodes
  • Smart screen lock only displays partitions granted to the specific user profile
  • Dealer billboard displays custom on screen messaging perfect for advertising in a retail space
  • Daily sensor signal strength report to backend
  • Disarm photos taken after remote disarm by Bluetooth device, mobile app or keyfob
  • On screen installation Wizard configurator

The IQ Panel 2 Plus and a full line of security and home automation devices are available today, visit www.qolsys.com to learn more about the product and where to purchase it.

About Qolsys

Qolsys is a Silicon Valley based security and smarthome manufacturer providing state of the art residential and commercial solutions to security and home automation dealers across North America.  Its flagship product, the IQ Panel 2 Plus, is a 7″ HD touchscreen tablet with built in 5 MP Camera, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core System on a Chip with multiple radios packed into an ultra-thin form factor with interactive services powered by Alarm.com. Dual SRF featuring PowerG allows for easy takeovers bridging the gap between legacy security protocols and the long range encrypted wireless technologies of the future.  The IQ Panel features several industry firsts, including a 7-inch HD touchscreen with an intuitive graphical user interface, LTE & Wi-Fi Dual Path cloud connectivity for intelligent redundancy, reliability and speed, and built-in 5MP camera that allows the user to capture disarm photos, alarm videos, a peek in on demand from the Alarm.com mobile app.  It also features Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, letting you pair up to 5 phones for hands free close proximity system deactivation, Live View, the ability to stream indoor and outdoor cameras to the HD Screen, and Live Answer allowing you to answer your Skybell Video Doorbell from the panel.  Z-Wave Plus supports lifestyle devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, and garage openers, a built in Glass Break Detector, powerful system health diagnostics and over the air software updates. Commercial features include PowerG Wireless Sensor support, screen lock, disarm photos for employee verification and up to 4 partitions accessible from 7″ Touchscreen secondary tablets.  The IQ Panel 2 was named “Best Overall” by the TechHome Builder Show, received the “Innovation Award” in 2016 from ESX, was named as a Top 30 Award Winner by SSI in 2017 and earned the prestigious TechVision Challenge award, a form of “Best in Show” at the Electronic Security Expo (ESX).  Qolsys IQ Panel platforms are tightly integrated with Alarm.com’s market-leading connected home services platform, supporting interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation, resulting in increased conversion, end-user satisfaction, fewer dealer truck rolls, improved customer support and decreased total cost of ownership.   Learn more at http://qolsys.com/.

Media Contacts

Ken Arnold, Director of Communications, Qolsys – ken.arnold@qolsys.com, Ph: 855-476-5797

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