New Fantasy Theme Park in the City — Paradise City opens ‘WONDERBOX, targeting the Millennial Family

‘WONDERBOX’ is an indoor theme park with the concept of “The amusement park of the night.” The two-story building covers an area of 3,933 square meters. By combining traditional performances with modern IT technologies, the company has developed killer content, unique around the world. It has established its own brand identity with exotic environmental performances using media art, dynamic entertainment that will be introduced for the first time in Korea, and dessert shops in Asia’s top patissier.

“In the tourism industry, Asia and the Pacific region is the second most popular market in the world, with a high annual growth rate of 9.7 percent,” said Chang Wyan Ahn, Executive Vice President of Paradise Segassamy, at a press conference held on the 27th (Wed). He went on to say, “Our goal is to establish WONDERBOX as a space marketing strategic location in Asia taking the lead in theme park industry just like Shanghai, Tokyo and Osaka, so that it can attract tourists from around the world.”

Fantastic environmental performances, which is a differentiating point for WONDERBOX, was created in collaboration with global multimedia entertainment studio ‘Moment Factory’. Moment Factory once received the attention for the projection mapping of Spain’s Sagrada Familia, etc. It realized a theme park where a fairy-tale imagination comes alive by utilizing media facades that feature colorful visual beauty and interactive media that interacts with audiences.

Attraction and F&B, introduced for the first time in South Korea, are also expected to receive big attention. For the first time in Korea, the company has introduced thrilling rides such as the Sports Attraction ‘Sky Trail’, 360-degree rotary ‘Mega-Mix’, and ‘Magic Bike’, a pedal-powered gondola ride. Also, the first South Korean store of ‘Janice Wong’ will be introduced on Chocolate Street. Janice Wong is a patissier chosen as Asia’s Top patissier Chef at the 2014 San Peligrino Asia’s 50 Best, featuring beautiful colors and unique designs that look as if they were painted. It will open its first store in Korea at WONDERBOX after locations in Singapore, Tokyo, and Macau.

The design of the architecture with the Art-tainment Identity is also eye-catching. WINY MAAS of the Dutch architectural and urban design company MVRDV has designed the exterior with its main concept of ‘Festival’ and ‘Harmony’. At the same time, it reveals itself to be the most exciting place in Paradise City and was designed with consideration for the visual effects it creates when you look at it from the sky.

Audience-participation performances heighten the festive mood. The company has organized hands-on content for men and women of all ages, including the Millennial family, to enjoy. The main performance ‘LUNA CARNIVAL’ will meet visitors inside the Main Agora and Paradise City, staged against the backdrop of moonlight.

Paradise City plans to provide new and rich cultural and entertainment content, such as the global integrated resort complex located in Las Vegas, Singapore and Macau, to promote tourism demand in South Korea and abroad and occupy the tourism and leisure market in Northeast Asia. We also hope to lead the leisure trend of the Millennial family, which has emerged as a core part of the domestic travel industry, and contribute to attracting revisiting customers and foreign tourists.

Meanwhile, Paradise City, which began construction in November 2014, is a project carried by the Paradise Segasammy Co., Ltd, a joint venture between Paradise Group and Japan’s Segasammy Holdings. A total of 1.5 trillion KRW was spent on the project, and the total site amounts to 330,000 square meters, 46 times the size of a soccer field. In 2017, Paradise Hotel & Resort and Paradise Casino and Convention opened, and in 2018, the boutique hotel, spa, club, art exhibition space, shopping arcades, and multi-purpose studios were opened. By opening WONDERBOX, it will complete the first phase of the project and become a true art-tainment resort.

Since its opening, Paradise Segasammy has hired more than 3,200 people to help create new jobs and revitalize the local economy, which have been the national challenge. Analysts say the Paradise City project will help create 780,000 jobs over the next 50 years, induce 8.2 trillion KRW in production, create 3.25 trillion KRW added value, and contribute to the development of the local tourism industry.

SOURCE Paradise City