Khanhalect brings hope to underprivileged children

Due to Vietnam’s cheap cost of labor and services, foreign investment is flowing inside the country. Vietnam is also known for its tourism industry. With these in mind, Khanhalect attempts to provide foundation knowledge of languages to the underprivileged children. The newly acquired knowledge will hopefully create a demand for the children’s skills.

Khanhalect is now focusing on teaching Japanese with the help of Chie Semba, a Japanese teacher who is experienced in teaching Japanese to Vietnamese university students. Khanhalect chooses Japanese because of the increase in Japanese business interests in Vietnam. Khanhalect has around 10 students at Mai Am Anh Sang orphanage. The students are in the age of 16-25, and are relying on the resources of the orphanage.

Khanh and Chie have worked together on the Japanese curriculum and taught the students at Mai Am Anh Sang. They’ve taught Hiragana and Katakana with the help of volunteer teachers. Students are now learning intricate Japanese grammar and will soon learn Kanji. Biweekly, the volunteer teachers travel to Mai Am Anh Sang to teach Japanese, and also to help expose the students to Japanese culture and mannerisms. Chie also holds a workshop for the volunteer teachers twice a week in order to help them deliver lessons smoothly.

Khanhalect’s short-term goal is to expand its Japanese classes to an online platform where the learning will be made more accessible, and also to find more students and volunteers.     

Aside from its current mission, Khanhalect is known to have established a fund with the support of Japanese NPOs in November last year, called Foundation No. 1. Khanhalect also took part in a charity event on December 11th at the Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon (Japan) where it delivered a speech to Japanese politicians.

Khanhalect takes part in charity events hosted by World Support 21, a Japanese NPO. Yearly, Khanhalect receives a JPY200,000 (about US$2,000) contribution from World Support 21 for activities that bring more opportunities to underprivileged young people through foreign language education. These funds will be used for free-of-charge foreign language courses (directly or online) to young people who want to change their lives.

People who are interested in the project can visit to learn more about the volunteer recruitment, donation, and the organization’s overall information.

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