Indiana tries to muzzle lottery challenge

SOUTH BEND, Ind., March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — “That’s against the law, and you can’t talk about it,” seems to be the opinion of the State of Indiana, as it protects Hoosier Lottery’s profits and  entrenches the misfortune of its citizens. Vice Lotteries wants to offer an alternative that Indiana doesn’t want us mentioning.

American history has seen many “legal” activities that needed change. Before they could change, we needed discussion: Women gaining the right to vote, halting medical experiments without patients’ informed consent, freeing humans from chattel slavery, allowing opposition to acts of Congress, and letting Vice Lotteries enable Hoosiers to gamble and save.

That last one is what we’re trying to change today, but Indiana believes we don’t have the right to talk about it. According to Rebecca McClain, an Indiana deputy attorney general, “The First Amendment claim fails because Plaintiff is engaging in unlawful speech.”

Change cannot occur and freedom cannot exist where the state stifles dissent. The First Amendment, the cornerstone of democracy, grants citizens the right to speak against unjust laws and build consensus to right wrongs. It’s sad that Indiana doesn’t know that.

Indiana also claims that “the State is able to protect its citizens from unlawful gambling through its close regulation.” This from a state that skims about 37 percent of every lottery ticket purchase, adding to many wealth-disparity problems it tries so hard to help. Vice Lotteries simply wants to create a lottery wherein 100 percent of wagers stays in the prize pool, returning the money to the communities where it began. This seems like something Indiana should want, but it doesn’t.

Indiana wants to continue gorging on funds from a losing-proposition lottery, designed to drain its participants’ funds, while denying competition from a lottery that would give participants both the thrill of winning and the sorrow of defeat in such a way that, statistically, the more they gamble, the more their gambling will act like a savings account.

About Vice Lotteries: Vice Lotteries seeks to reverse income inequality by building tools to develop financial responsibility and literacy. Starting by taking loss out of lotteries, Vice Lotteries will provide gamblers with transparent, statistical data for informed wagering and saving with knowledge of the effects their decisions can be expected to have on their personal wealth.

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