EpiVax Oncology To Present Latest Research On The Importance Of Identifying And Removing, Using Machine-Learning Based Advanced Computational Tools, Inhibitory Neoantigens From Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines, At AACR Annual Meeting 2019

NEW YORK, March 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — EpiVax Oncology, Inc., a precision cancer immunotherapy company, today announced that its abstract has been selected for an oral presentation, at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2019, taking place on March 29thApril 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia. It will present data highlighting how inhibitory neoepitopes uncovered using advanced computational tools affect immune responses to therapeutic cancer vaccines.

Ancer™ is a Superior Neoantigen Prediction Platform, Powered by Machine Learning Based Algorithms.

Self-like Treg Cancer Neoepitopes Uncovered Using Ancer™.

“While it is extremely important to select both Class I and Class II neoantigens in order to induce an effective anti-tumor response, we have shown that including computationally predicted inhibitory Class II T cell neoepitopes in neoantigen-based vaccines, can significantly suppress the immune response,” said EpiVax Oncology CEO, Gad Berdugo, MSc Eng., MBA. “Current neoantigen selection methods are non-validated and may select neoantigens that are non-immunogenic, that potentially trigger immune-related adverse events, or that lead to immunosuppression via the induction of regulatory T cells. Our neoantigen discovery platform, Ancer™, is powered by machine-learning based algorithms that have been used commercially for 20 years and have shown superior accuracy at predicting not only CD8 T cell neoepitopes, but also the much more challenging CD4 T cell neoepitopes. Furthermore, we are thrilled to bring to the immuno-oncology field advanced algorithms that have been able to predict inhibitory T cell epitopes since 2013. We will show at AACR that it is critical to identify and filter out these inhibitory Class II neoepitopes in order to improve the immune response generated by cancer vaccines.”





Guilhem Richard, PhD, Lead Computational Immunologist, EpiVax Oncology Inc.


“Filtering out self-like neoantigens improves immune response to cancer vaccines”


Sunday, March 31, 2019


MS.IM02.03 – Cancer Vaccines and Intratumoral Immunomodulation


3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time


Georgia Ballroom 3 – Building C – GWCC

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About EpiVax Oncology, Inc.
EpiVax Oncology, Inc. is a privately-held biotechnology company focusing on developing precision cancer immunotherapies based in Providence, RI and New York City, NY. Incorporated in 2017, EpiVax Oncology is a spin-out of EpiVax Inc., a company founded by Dr. Annie De Groot and Mr. Bill Martin in 1998. EpiVax Oncology is leveraging EpiVax’s 20 years of experience in designing commercial-grade immunoinformatic tools, to advance its personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine development program. EpiVax Oncology’s neoantigen discovery platform, Ancer™, incorporates the world-class EpiMatrix® system and the innovative JanusMatrix™ tool, which were exclusively licensed to EpiVax Oncology by EpiVax. More information about EpiVax Oncology is available at www.epivaxoncology.com. 

About Ancer™.
EpiVax Oncology’s Ancer™ neoantigen prediction platform, leverages EpiVax’s EpiMatrix® and JanusMatrix™ algorithms, state-of-the-art tools that have been externally validated in several prospective vaccine studies and that are broadly utilized worldwide by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  The Ancer™ in silico platform is powered by machine learning based algorithms that prioritize both CD8 and CD4 T cell neoepitopes. Ancer™ enables the rapid, in silico, discovery and removal of inhibitory “Self-Like” Treg neoepitopes; it is designed to enable the discovery of highly immunogenic neoantigens for precision cancer immunotherapies.

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