Don’t Want to Drink Coffee for a Pick-Me-Up? Try Reon Revive for Energy on the Go

Reon Revive is a new, easy to use, energy powder that instantly dissolves on the tongue and does not need to be mixed with water. Reon Revive, which contains 80 mg. of caffeine and 50 percent of your Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin B12, provides the energy boost you need any time during the day. Every pack contains four sachets for use on the go.

Just tear, pour and go!

“Reon is a quick, convenient, zero calorie alternative to caffeinated soft drink beverages, energy drinks and that cup of coffee,” said co-founder Daniel Scott, adding that Reon Revive is also sugar-free.

Men and women using caffeine to increase their alertness can turn to Reon for a healthier choice. It contains 80mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of a double espresso, and 50 percent of your recommended daily dose of vitamin B12 (used by your body to produce energy naturally).

Research shows that caffeine increases dopamine levels, which create a positive state of mind and keep you motivated and productive. Vitamin B12 is known to reduce tiredness, and occurs naturally in plants, animals and dairy products.

“Reon Revive gives you the benefits of energy without the sugar as well as having zero calories, so it’s ideal for those conscious of what they consume,” Scott said.

Reon recommends taking up to two-to-three sachets throughout the day to stay energized and states that these supplements are not only perfect for that 2 p.m. boost people often need, but also for that extra revitalizing kick before, during and after exercise.

Scott said the parent company, Fontem Ventures, which developed Reon Revive, launched the product after it tested many prototype delivery systems and found that fast-melt powder was the most convenient and effective means of providing “on the go” consumers with a boost of energy.

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