Babbel Picks Voxnest’s Spreaker as Exclusive Distribution Partner for New “Multilinguish” Podcast

NEW YORK, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Podcast technology platform Voxnest and language-learning leader Babbel today announced a partnership that makes Voxnest’s Spreaker platform the exclusive distribution partner for Babbel’s first US-based podcast, “Multilinguish.”

Babbel, whose properties include the world’s top-grossing app for language learning and a digital magazine that is published in eight languages and enjoyed by millions of people each month, selected Voxnest’s Spreaker for its industry-leading technology and vast distribution network that will expand Babbel’s audience far beyond the app and magazine.

The Multilinguish podcast explores the fascinating, fun and sometimes-weird ways that language connects people. Each episode features a different theme, such as how language drives worldviews and which accents are considered the sexiest. Guests include influencers and experts like Lexicon Valley host and linguist John McWhorter and travel bloggers Amanda Kendle of Not A Ballerina: A Traveller and a Thinker, Francesca Murray of One Girl:One World and Bani Amor of Everywhere All The Time. The first episode, Sexist Robots, features computational linguistics expert, Kate McCurdy.

“The spoken word is a natural format for Babbel given our focus on getting our learners conversational in a new language,” said Julie Hansen, CEO US of Babbel. “We’re confident that Multilinguish will find an eager audience and appreciate Spreaker’s built-in distribution to numerous platforms. We also benefited from Spreaker’s easy-to-use content management system and robust analytics, all critical to maximizing the impact of our new podcast.”

“Podcasting is the natural medium that builds communities around shared stories and interests,” said Tonia Maffeo, Head of Marketing at Voxnest. “Babbel has shown how language operates in much the same way, and as we become increasingly globalized, it will be more important to build relationships that revolve around passion points instead of geography so we better understand each other, no matter our backgrounds and culture. Working with Babbel is yet another example of how modern companies use podcasting as a daily routine for their content marketing strategy.”

New episodes of Multilinguish will be posted each Tuesday. To listen, visit here. For more information about Babbel, visit

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Voxnest is a technology company that provides professional solutions for podcasters and the brands looking to engage with listeners. The company’s comprehensive tools for podcast creation, distribution, management, measurement, monetization and advertising include Spreaker, catering to independent podcasters, Spreaker Enterprise, a turnkey platform for enterprises, and Dynamo, a standalone monetization solution that gives any podcaster, regardless of host or distribution platform, the ability to earn revenue using Voxnest’s real-time, dynamic ad injection technology. The company also works directly with brands looking to deliver highly-targeted, high-impact advertising campaigns through podcasts. The company, launched in January 2018 following the merger of Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio, is led by co-founder and President Francesco Baschieri and is headquartered in New York.

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