Able Roars on to the International Scene

Director of International at Able, Michele Eckert, has overseen the majority of this expansion, and sees this outreach as the natural next step of the division. “The caliber of learning curve made available to us through our relationship with the State Department has made further expansion an obvious eventuality, and the funds were set aside to do this a long time ago,” she says.

Recent hire to the International Business Development and Sales Team, Joelle Behrens, concluded her job search with interest in being part of the team at Able not only because of the huge upside available in working to take the company’s knowledge to others in the industry and the private sector, but because of the company’s culture. “It was clear to me from day one that the company supported me as an individual before encouraging me to succeed as an employee, which I found novel in the moving industry,” states Behrens. “Nowhere could this be seen more for me than during the interview process when I realized I would not be asked to sign a non-competition agreement,” she adds.

Able Chief Operating Officer Steve Kuhn is also excited about the opportunity to promote their international expertise to new markets, and wants these entities to be familiar with what they will be getting when contracting the services of Able. “Not only will clients benefit from transport costs negotiated down by years of relationships and the volume of government business, but also from familiarity with extremely complicated documentation requirements, bureaucratic international regulations, and even best banking practices in a time when unstable currency exchange values can be extremely problematic.”

Organic growth on the scale of what Able has achieved as a company in the last five years is virtually unheard of in the moving industry, and Michele Eckert is very comfortable with her division continuing to evolve in the heavily competitive international waters. “With a great team in place and plenty of resources available to attract like-minded professionals to join us, our customer base will continue to grow by double digits every year,” she says, “if not by more.”

Joe Singleton revels in the confidence that all of the management teams at Able display, and strongly believes that it derives from the family based company culture that he, his brother, and father founded the company on in 1987. The Washington Business Journal just recognized the company as a “Family Owned Business Awards Honoree” at its February 28th Intercontinental bash on the Wharf in DC.

“We will always be a company based on healthy family values, and healthy families grow,” says Singleton.

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