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OUTFRONT Media Announces Billboard Partnership With Shepard Fairey in Detroit

Strategically located on 20 static billboards across Detroit and surrounding interstates, locals and tourists alike can experience one of five different designs by Shepard Fairey throughout the month of May. These thought-provoking billboards aim to not only showcase the power of out-of-home but also inspire meaningful conversations and actions. The creative splashes bold reds, yellows and blues and touts impassioned words, including “Equality,” “Amazing, Portable, Powerful” and “Amplify your voice.”

“When it came to this installation, we knew we wanted to tap into the tremendous diversity and growth of Detroit and bring it to life in meaningful locations,” said Shepard Fairey. “Detroit has a long history of pushing the limits in music and art, and through this partnership with OUTFRONT Media, we were able to not only capture the same fire and fight Detroit embodies, but also empower Detroiters to see graphic art as a meaningful part of the cityscape.”

Now more than ever, people need to feel a sense of community as they are immersed in advertisements on their phones. According to eMarketer predictions, adults in the United States will spend roughly more than three hours per day on mobile devices in 2019. With out-of-home advertising, companies are able to build campaigns in real-life that amplify the community and become part of the local culture. In doing so, brands are also able to increase brand recognition, drive web traffic and ultimately meet brand business goals.

“As out-of-home advertisers, we have a responsibility to the communities we serve,” said Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer at OUTFRONT Media. “We were inspired by Detroit’s positive energy and growth and recognized the role art plays in bringing beauty to cities. We knew then that we wanted to spark the interest of local artists in the best way we know how – a larger-than-life outdoor gallery.”

OUTFRONT Media has executed similar programs in other areas, having previously collaborated with Shepard Fairey in Orlando in a bid to encourage environmental responsibility. Now the company is excited to continue its efforts to enhance local landscapes by embracing the unique qualities of each city, and displaying campaigns that truly exemplify these communities.

About OUTFRONT Media Inc.
OUTFRONT leverages the power of technology, location and creativity to connect brands with consumers outside of their homes through one of the largest and most diverse sets of billboard, transit, and mobile assets in North America. Through its ON Smart Media platform, OUTFRONT  is implementing digital technology that will fundamentally change the ways advertisers engage audiences on-the-go.


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