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NorthVision makes ease-of-use the top priority with VisionShare

LANGLEY, British Columbia, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — VisionShare is the perfect choice for modern conference rooms.  To use it, there is absolutely no software to install nor any hardware setup.  After the receiver is connected to the output such as a monitor or projects, users follow the three simple steps to collaboration. 

  • Plug the player into your laptop
  • Press the player button
  • Play with no delay

Presenters simply plug the player into their laptop and within seconds are collaborating with teammates.  Visitors also have the same experience for ease-of-use.  Users can easily control when they share their display with others with one press.

IT professionals choose VisionShare because there is virtually no setup which frees up valuable resources. To add VisionShare to a conference room, IT professionals should make sure the transmitters are fully charged for the initial charge, and connect the receiver with an HDMI cable and power on the receiver.  Additionally, VisionShare meets the IT security standard because it does not require any software installation on guest or employee computers and uses HDCP keys for encryption.

In addition to ease-of-use, VisionShare has the fastest transmission speeds available among today’s wireless collaboration solutions because it uses the 60 GHz band.  Besides lightning speed video performance, people enjoy the fast mouse cursor speed.  Fast cursor speed means that the position of the mouse on your laptop matches the output device with no discernable time lag. VisionShare is the only solution on the market with HDMI connectors and full 4K without compression.

NorthVision Technology ( is a leading collaborative solution provider based in Canada. We are now bringing collaborative and interactive solutions to a brand new level by offering the World’s First Wireless True 4K with the ease of plug and play.

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