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GrillEye® Pro Plus: We Changed the Game, Again With Cloud Connectivity

With Cloud connectivity complementing Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, the GrillEye PRO Plus allows you to monitor your smoker, grill or oven from anywhere. It is entirely made in Europe and uses patent-pending combination of hardware and software on a technology platform that allows for an array of expanding features with the core purpose of enhancing users’ experience.

Seamless user experience

GrillEye® PRO Plus simplifies the connection to your smart device and alerts you, once the food temperature reaches the desired level, through the intuitive GrillEye® PRO app, available for iOS, Apple Watch, and Android. The app supports pre-sets customization, advanced graphics, predictive completion algorithms and more, all aiming to delivering grilling perfection, tailored to your tastes.

Game-changing features

  • Cloud monitoring

    Watch, outside your home’s network, the temperature of your food without range limitations. Patent-pending Hybrid-Wireless connectivity allows for remote as well as local monitoring, when a WiFi® network isn’t available. GrillEye® PRO Plus switches automatically between available connections to achieve continuity as well as optimal power management.
  • Adaptive Display System (A.D.S. – patent pending)

    GrillEye® PRO Plus is fitted with a massive 2.7″ Active Matrix screen that displays information dynamically adjusted to your use, readable even under direct sunlight.
  • FDA Approved, 2-in-1 Temperature Probes

    GrillEye® PRO Plus includes 2 probes made entirely of stainless-steel and space-grade aluminum to endure the harsh conditions of grilling. It also includes 2 high-quality stainless-steel clips allowing for ambient temperature monitoring.
  • 8x probe ports

    GrillEye® PRO Plus allows you to track the temperature of up to 8 different probes at the same time.

Signature design

The shape of the GrillEye® PRO Plus emerged by fusing ergonomics to contemporary aesthetics. The result delivers a package of innovation in a signature design that gives grilling and cooking sessions perfection, wrapped-up in style.

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