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Enfamil’s New Campaign Challenges Other Formula Makers to #RaiseTheDHA

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Enfamil®, the #1 Pediatrician recommended infant formula brand, wants all babies to get DHA, an important nutrient, in an expert-recommended amount and as present in the worldwide breast milk average (0.32% of total fatty acids), no matter what brand their parents choose. That’s why Enfamil is launching a nationwide petition calling on other formula makers, who don’t have DHA in an amount experts recommend, to #RaiseTheDHA in all its U.S. infant formulas. Enfamil believes that all babies are the most important people in the world, deserving all the nutrition they can get. That’s why Enfamil was the first brand to have DHA in its formulas 20 years ago and continues to be the only leading formula brand to provide DHA at an expert-recommended amount (0.32% of total fatty acids) in its infant formulas.

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Global experts like The World Health Organization, The Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, The World Association of Perinatal Medicine, Child Health Foundation (Germany) and many more recommend that DHA should be included in all infant formulas at a minimum amount of 0.20% of total fatty acids based on the amount of DHA found on average in breast milk worldwide (0.32% of total fatty acids). However, the nearly 1.9 million American babies drinking Similac infant formula every year get only 0.15% of DHA, or less than half of the worldwide breast milk average.

“Parents are often told which ingredients to look for to support their baby’s development, but they don’t often know the amounts differ in some formulas,” says Dr. Christina J. Valentine, M.D., a neonatologist and dietitian dedicated to maternal and infant diet and health, and Medical Director at RB Health. “Clinicians and parents need to be aware that not all infant formulas are the same.”

To help Enfamil get Similac to #RaiseTheDHA, visit, sign the petition and share on social media using the hashtag. Once Enfamil gathers 5,000 signatures, it will write to other formula makers, requesting them to raise the DHA to expert-recommended amounts.

“Today’s consumers have seen the impact they can make when they stand for positive change,” says Dr. Valentine, “At Enfamil, we take great pride in providing an expert-recommended amount of DHA for all babies.”

To learn more about DHA, its nutritional significance, clinical support and Enfamil’s #RaiseTheDHA petition, visit or follow our social channels @Enfamil on Instagram and

About Enfamil
Enfamil’s full product portfolio is formulated to provide optimal nutrition for infants and children through every stage of development. Their dedication to science and innovation remains vital to both their product portfolio and mission by using leading-edge technologies, a highly specialized team, and expert collaborations to benefit pediatric populations around the world. Today, the Enfamil brand is trusted by parents and healthcare professionals through their passion for innovation and delivering high quality products. 

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Through its two business units, Health and Hygiene Home, RB has operations in over 60 countries and its products reach millions of people globally every day. Its trusted household brands include names such as Enfamil, Nutramigen, Mucinex, Delsym, Durex, K-Y, Clearasil, Airborne, Digestive Advantage, MegaRed, Move Free, Neuriva, Lysol, Finish, Woolite and Air Wick. 

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