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Dos Toros and GoParrot Take Native Delivery by the Horns with DT Direct

“Our brand was built on a passion for innovation, so we were determined to create an online delivery program that offers the exclusive, high-touch, in-store experience consumers have each time they walk through our door,” says Leo Kremer, co-founder, Dos Toros.

Consumers are craving alternatives to inconvenient and cumbersome phone apps, while restaurants are feeling the pinch from high (up to 30%) third-party delivery service fees. DT Direct’s bespoke, image driven layout addresses those concerns head-on by optimizing the customer brand experience while reducing costs.

“DT Direct’s signature menu visuals allow us to bring a consistent in-store experience to our guests whether they are ordering from the comfort of their home or running from meeting to meeting at work. The new platform also allows us to automate the delivery process providing more time for our Toros (employees) to perfect each guest’s order. We truly believe this is top-notch when it comes to online delivery,” said Grant Lieberman, Director of Technology, Dos Toros

Additionally, the GoParrot platform streamlines the ordering process. Requested items are simultaneously fed into point of sale systems and dispatched to delivery partners in real time, thereby eliminating the need for employees to enter data manually. This setup gives employees more time to focus on food quality and order accuracy; it also benefits users through personalized menu recommendations and targeted promotions based on data gathered through GoParrot’s AI-Driven Online Ordering and Marketing Platform. As an added incentive, users will receive complimentary chips each time they place an order through DT Direct.

“Personalization is the future of online ordering and our vision is to become the Spotify of delivery,” said Yaniv Nissim, GoParrot’s CEO. “We looked at competitor offerings and distilled the most beneficial features into a best in class user experience at a fraction of the cost. Dos Toros is the perfect partner to grow our vision, as they are constantly striving to innovate and personalize their guest’s experience.”

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About GoParrot
GoParrot is personalizing the digital ordering experience for restaurants of all sizes. The GoParrot platform leverages point of sale integrations, diversified delivery networks, and AI-powered loyalty and marketing programs to provide an end-to-end solution for restaurant operators. Custom-built ordering interfaces are fully branded and optimized for every device. GoParrot’s data-driven insights empower businesses to streamline operations, increase customer engagement, and maximize revenue. GoParrot is proud to work with Dos Toros, Westville, Doughnut Plant, Juice Press and more. For additional information, visit

About Dos Toros
Dos Toros was founded by two brothers from California with a simple dream – to bring the best of the San Francisco taqueria experience to the rest of the country. We proudly cook our recipes from scratch using the finest ingredients and naturally raised proteins. Working together, our terrific and talented team strives to deliver uncompromising excellence, one burrito at a time. Dos Toros opened their first location in October 2009 in New York City’s Union Square neighborhood and expanded to Chicago in 2017. For more information:

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