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Bald Man A.K.A. Kurt Deimer Releases Song Of Unity For July 4th

ATLANTA, July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A Cincinnati-based independent music artist with Music Artist Development (MAD), Bald Man’s highly-anticipated Hip-Hop/Country single, “Take My Country Back,” debuted this week on Youtube and Spotify. Accompanying his single is a concept video which reiterates his message about the importance of love and unity. He believes, “No matter our differences, we should try to get along.” He has incorporated sounds by Only Futuristic a.k.a Zachary Beck, a Tempe, Arizona-based rapper/songwriter, along with the California-based rapper Hypnotic, who brought a Latino flair to the mix. Tying it all together with Gospel vibes are Cooper Phillip, Dara J, Donald Paige, and Darius Coleman, who is currently featured on NBC’s show “Songland.”

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“Take My Country Back ” is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

Released to major streaming platforms on July 4th, Bald Man’s “Take My Country Back,” produced by T. Porshe and Bald Man, is targeting the Billboard charts.

Kurt Deimer was raised in Houston, Texas, where he began playing the drums and keyboard as a child in church. This formed his passion for performing in front of an audience. After performing for his high school’s talent show he became the lead singer for his cover band, Circus Birds. The band members were his high school and college friends who were known to play 80s hits. Currently, he is the lead singer/songwriter for the Bald Man Band alongside his guitarist and producer Ben Trexel.

Bald Man is a singer/ songwriter whose uses his talents to reflect fresh harmonies that lie within music by merging different genres together. He aims to bring unity amongst people who have different life experiences to understand that despite what makes us different, we all are deserving of love and respect.

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Source: Music Artist Development (MAD)   


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