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Acembly Launches C2C – Simplified Cloud to Cloud Big Data Transfers

LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — There continues to be exponential growth in the cloud storage space due to more businesses understanding the value of creating a hybrid or multi-cloud storage plan for their data and content requirements.  

Acembly, a hybrid and multi-cloud management SaaS, has released a new feature that not only allows simple and fast migrations from your office to any cloud storage, but Acembly C2C now also allows users of any cloud provider to easily move or migrate their content, regardless of size, to another cloud provider at very affordable costs.  

“We see a lot of activity with AWS S3 users wanting to take advantage of lower cost storage, especially if their content does not need to be accessed regularly,” says Patrick Kennedy, Co-Founder & CEO of Acembly.  “There are many reasons why businesses need to access or move their content.  With our C2C release, we’ve just added another powerful tool to Acembly’s tool box that makes file, folder or bucket transfers between cloud storage providers easier and more cost effective than any other service on the market today.”

There is often an egress cost to move content out of cloud storage.  However the delta in price between some cloud providers can be significant, for example AWS S3 vs Wasabi.  Now there’s a simple and affordable tool that exposes both the cost difference, the cost to make the change and the ability to take the action in real time without needing heavy technical resources or support.  Just connect your cloud accounts and within a few clicks let the migration, and savings, begin.

“Within the next few weeks we will go live with a simple calculator that allows Acembly users to compare the cost differences between the current storages that Acembly supports (AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi and Backblaze).  They will also see the cost of migrating to a lower priced storage and what the savings is over time.  From that point they can take immediate action from our transfer page or schedule the move over time from our desktop client.  We’re very excited about the value of this tool in today’s market,” says Patrick Kennedy.

About Acembly:

Acembly delivers a range of powerful and affordable SaaS tools for high-speed connection and management of any hybrid, multi-cloud storage system.  

Media Contact:

Amanda Bui

VP Operations at Acembly

SOURCE Acembly

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