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What are bike shorts, and how are they different from your normal street shorts? Do they serve a particular purpose for women bikers? Find out!

Lots of people are talking about bike shorts and how they changed the way women shop for workout clothes. Particularly meant for biking, these shorts are different from your average street shorts in a few ways. First off, they provide extra stretch allowing better movement. Secondly, they come with a padded crotch liner that helps bring down friction and wick moisture.

In this article, we will focus on women’s bike shorts and discuss everything there is to know about bike shorts! By the end of it, you should be fully equipped to buy your own pair without any help!

Different Types of Bike Shorts for Women

Let’s start off by discussing the three different kinds of women’s bike shorts there are today:

1.  Mountain Bike Shorts

These shorts are also referred to as “baggies” as they have a looser outer layer, apart from the skintight spandex chamois liner inside. These are considered to be a more comfortable pick when it comes to women’s bike shorts. Almost all of them are designed with pockets for you to put in your belongings. It is recommended to choose them based on the quality of construction and features you might deem desirable. Another important thing to keep in mind is to ensure the cut of the outer shorts is comfortable enough and provides flexibility to the rider.

2.  Bib Shorts

They look like your run-of-the-mill bike shorts for women, but once used to be the most sought-after choice for women’s bike shorts. In fact, it is one of the common attire for cycling enthusiasts (not just women, but men too). It is also the most comfortable type of biking shorts as they do not have waistbands to restrict breathing. They can be worn with a jersey for a nice look!

3.  Skorts

This is one of the less commonly used types of biking shorts but has a nice feminine touch to it. While it provides the exact same functionality as any other pair of bike shorts, it has a skirt to cover up the spandex shorts. This might be suitable for those not willing to show off their bodies in skintight clothing. Surprisingly enough, not many brands make skorts, perhaps because of its lack of popularity! Even so, these bike shorts for women can be worn anywhere: on the road, hills, mountains, or even around town!

Components of Bike Shorts for Women

To better understand the various components of bike shorts, let’s break it down:

–  Paneled Construction

Bike shorts for women in the past used to have a great deal of panels (almost 5-6) in order to provide a more comfortable fit. However, fabric technology today does not require panels to aid comfort.

–  Padded Liners

All bike shorts for women come with a padded liner, otherwise known as a “chamois”. This is a soft pad made of synthetic fabric used in order to prevent friction, wick moisture, and eliminate the potential growth of bacteria in the area. It also helps cushion bumps! Many brands have different kinds of padded liners: they come in different shapes, thicknesses, and materials.

–  Waist Style

Many people believe that a yoga-style cut is most ideal for bike shorts for women, but this is incorrect. This would offer less-restrictive comfort and is therefore not what many brands go for. Instead, most of them feature non-adjustable but stretchy spandex to give more comfort.

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